PREMIERE: Rune Lindbaek – Privatfest [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Our favourite Norwegian @runelindbaek has put out another vinyl release of mysterious edits – available now from Juno:



Fin Vimeo-film: Magazine B 60th Issue: Monocle

B proudly presents our new issue: Monocle

세계 곳곳에 지사와 통신원을 두고 정치, 사회, 문화, 글로벌 뉴스를 직접 취재해 브리핑하는 은 잡지의 힘이 쇠퇴하던 2007년 타일러 브륄레가 창간한 런던 기반의 월간지입니다. 신문과 단행본, 여행 가이드북 등 아날로그 형태의 매체를 꾸준히 발행하는 것은 물론, 24시간 온라인 라디오 같은 디지털 플랫폼의 론칭과 숍·카페 등의 유통업으로도 비즈니스 영역을 다각화하며 독자와의 접점을 넓혀왔습니다. 이를 기반으로 양질의 고객층을 확보한 종합 미디어 브랜드 모노클은 브랜드와의 광고 콘텐츠로 성공적 수익 모델을 구축하며, 업계의 롤모델로 평가받고 있습니다.

Magazine Credit:

Publisher: Suyong Joh
Content & Editorial Director: Eunsung Park
Editors: Jaewoo Seo, Yeongmin Kim
Guest Designer: Gyeongtak Kang
Marketer: Hyunjoo Kim
Distribution Manager: Sanghoon Kim, Suyeon Kim
Filmmaker: Sukwang Baak

Music: Paper Planes / Steven Gutheinz

TurntableGossip – our letter to december

Tony Lionni – half past autumn (original mix)
Pional – the shy
Armen Miran – for eternity (Love Over Entropy remix)
Modd – vadhoo (original mix)
The Acid – ra (Daniel August remix)
Axel Boman – klinsmann
Savas – adrift (El Mundo remix)
Dan Bauer – underscore (Fractal Architect remix)
TRIKK – saitana
Vincenzo – tasmania

SNRKL003 hubbabubbaklubb – Eddie & Suzanne 7″

The shelf by the toilet in my childhood home is jam-packed with old memorabilia. And in between all the bits and bobs, I found the greatest objet d’art of them all: Hubbas soundtrack from the late, great film director Arild Kristos’ magnum opus, “Eddie & Suzanne” (1975). A classic, romantic Shakespearean road movie.

One of those who really hated the film, and who should therefore be listened to is the renowned late film critique Pål Bang Hansen. He wrote:

“Arild Kristo wants you to think that lust is all-consuming love, when really it’s just endorphins. What makes things even worse is what must be one of the most gloopy and phallic film scores in recent memory: hubbabubbaklubb’s “Eddie & Suzanne”, which seduces teenage girls into paroxysms of romantic grief… blæh!

A: Eddie & Suzanne
B: Virkelighet

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Josefin And The Liberation – Rushing Through My Mind – Mang Dynasty Extended Version

Mangled Records 018 12″ 180g Vinyl
Release Date : December 2017 (TBC)
Distribution : Juno

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Rushing Through My Mind (The Mang Dynasty Versions)

A. Mang Dynasty Extended Version 8.08
Bi. Mang Dynasty Instrumental Version 7.00
Bii. Mang Dynasty Radio Edit 3.53

Original version: –
Music and lyrics by Josefin Öhrn & Fredrik Joelson.
Josefin Öhrn: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion.
Fredrik Joelson: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion.
Calle Olsson: Synths, Vocals.
Patric Thorman: Bass, Vocals, Guitars.
Victor Hvidfeldt: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Persussion.
Dennis Egberth: Drums and Percussion.
Stefan Brändström: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass.
Produced By Fredrik Joelson and Stefan Brändström.
Recorded and mixed at the Dustward by Stefan Brändström.
Additional Recording:
Invada Studios/Stu Matthews, Studio Cobra/Martin Ehrencrona,
Svenska Grammofonstudion/Oskar Lindberg and White Cell/Calle Olsson.

Mang Dynasty Versions: –
All Additional Instruments (Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Percussion) Programming and Mix by Ray Mang. Produced and arranged by Mang Dynasty (Bill Brewster and Ray Mang).

Published by King Plush (Cargo Germany).
℗ + © Mangled Records 2016
Licensed from Rocket Recordings (UK)

We gave it to them straight: “Let us remix your song or weʼre taking all the meatballs.”

Having heard the baggy psychedelic beauty that is ʻRushing Through My Mindʼ on Lauren Laverneʼs 6Music show, we thought we could do a number on it. Turn it into a psychedelic disco record (with added meatballs). We think we managed it, reliving the rushy highs from indie-danceʼs finest moments of 1991.

For those of you unaware of the splendid Swedish rockersʼ groovy workings, they have already released two albums, debut Horse Dance in 2015 and last yearʼs excellent Mirage, from which the ecstatic ʻRushing…ʼ comes.

The release comes on Joe Bugner-style heavyweight vinyl (180g) complete with Instrumental and Radio Edit. Mang Dynasty is Ray Mang and Bill Brewster.

Beatwell – Snacks Mixtape

nice n easy n sleazy deep n disco joints. with favorite stuff from late nite tuff guy, sould out, disco tech, karim, hotmood, duff disco, yse saint laur’ant, basement love, brother edit, jay ru +++
hope u enjoy it!