Dagens musikktips er Back & Forward – Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix (August 2012)

Back & Forward – Nu Disco Your Disco Exclusive Mix (August 2012) er dagens godlåt.
Selv sier de dette om miksen/låta:
Two huge music enthusiasts, Ash and Yommie, teamed up over two years ago to form Back & Forward in order to devote themselves to electronic dance music somewhere between disco and house.
They organize their own party series called «Cosmic Disco», at the «Alter Ego» club in Szczecin, Poland.
In their sets, they don’t hesitate to pull out old recordings from previous decades or their modern club re-edits, mixing them with the newest range of disco and house.
You can hear the duo live today (4th of August) at the beach called «Plaza Przy Moscie» in Szczecin.
Here you have the warm summer breeze, a mojito, the golden sand while Back & Forward are playing your favorite tunes while the sun is slowly dipping into the ocean…what more do you really need?

001 Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise (Toby Tobias Remix)
002 Timewarp – Co2 (Mikael Fas Remix) (edit)
003 Chymera – My Karass
004 Hannnulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
005 Drrtyhaze – Make My Body Hot
006 Ingram – Smoothin Groovin (Daz’s Cosmic Disco Re-Rub)
007 Riccio – Lover
008 Moscow – Deep Heat (Toby Tobias Cut to the Chase Mix)
009 Raft – Risky Trains (Driftwood Vocal Mix)
010 Jose Gonzales – Killing For Love (Todd Terje Brokeback Mix)
011 Jake Island feat. Joanna Christie – What If You Wanted More? (Tensnake Remix)
012 Lewie Day – That’s The Thing
013 Ben La Desh – Stop That Groove Girl

Visit Back & Forward on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/backandforward
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