Dagens musikktips er Sasse -Friday Sessionz (Daso Remix)

Sasse -Friday Sessionz (Daso Remix) er dagens godlåt.

Selv sier de dette om miksen/låta:
Daso Franke from one of the most boring house cities in Europe, Cologne. Daso is the right man to preach the message of deep house music on his disco funk influenced take on “Friday Sessionz”. Taking a turn into early 90s deep house (inna UK style) Daso turns the track into an neverending journey or mesmerizing synth layers and bubbly bass coupled with his lovely drumprogramming.

Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul: “ Daso’s turned a real beauty of a mix on ‘Fri Sessions’ the ‘Wrapper ‘remix is a lovely warm deep groover could actally turn out to be a real gem…will let ya know how they go down!”

Jimpster: “Blimey! what a package! Daso mix is an absolute stunner! definitely be getting some pleasure from this one»

Josh Wink: “ Great package. Really nice deep things to play out for the summer! Like Pied Plat and Daso Rmx the best.”
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