Dagens musikktips er On & On

On & On er dagens godlåt.

Selv sier de dette om miksen/låta:
— >> On & On is nominated for the Triple J hottest 100 !! Please vote here: <<–
— >> http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100/12/ <<–

This is the first original track I’ve given away for free. My way of saying thanks to all you legends who buy my music & come to the events I play at.

High five everyone

ps. Kindly DO NOT re-host this download elsewhere.


Contact me: cassianmusic@gmail.com

Nth/Sth American Bookings: latane@windishagency.com

Aus/Asia Bookings: stix@modularpeople.com.au

Written by Cassian Stewart-Kasimba & Cameron Parkin
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