Dagens musikktips er Kris Menace feat. Romanthony – 2Nite4U

Kris Menace feat. Romanthony – 2Nite4U er dagens godlåt.

Download – http://smarturl.it/features
CD – http://smarturl.it/featuresCD

Official Album Trailer

«Kris, who’s been all over the electronic map for years, producing and remixing the likes of Depeche Mode, Röyksopp, Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado, and many others, has lined up a veritable who’s who of EDM for guest appearances on the record, including Julian Hamilton from The Presets, Simon Lord of Simian, Dodgy, Robert Owens, and basically everyone else he probably wanted – dude is that good.» – MTV.com

«Careful casting and sensitive arrangements result in a satisfying set of spacious emotive techno pop.. 4/5» – Q Magazine

«You close your eyes, feel yourself lifted by the heat, the beats and the vocals. Then melody locks you in and you’re lost. It’s a perfect moment.» – DJ Mag UK

«An electro-infused dream you won’t want to wake up from any time soon.» – Mixmag UK

«Without a doubt, Kris Menace knows what he’s doing when it comes to taking an artist’s track and or talents and laying down a great foundation and creating an amazing song.» – Prefix Magazine

«A composition of rich sound and facets which searchs for its equals» – Raveline Magazine

» ‘Features’ hits your soul, breaks borders and stands for a timeless and touching production» – Faze Magazine

«A beautiful hommage of all kind of electronic facets» – DJ Mag Germany

«What an album! ‘Features’ is made for heart and soul» – Dressed like machines (album of the week)

«‘Features’ is a timeless and touching production» Partysan Magazine

«An amazing mélange of authentic songwriting and intensiv club culture,
which catalyses in ambracing waves to bring the spirit of the 80s right into present» – Subculture Magazine

«Despite never meeting one another, Kris Menace and Miss Kittin have managed to create a track that exemplifies the ultimate talent of each» – Vibe Your Love

«The lyrics and vocal melodies over Menace’s grooves create a perfect blend of hauntingly beautiful and seriously fun and catchy sounds» – The Ripe.TV