Dagens musikktips er The Outpost Playlist | Gigamesh X Frank & Oak

The Outpost Playlist | Gigamesh X Frank & Oak er dagens godlåt.

Gigamesh is an American multi-platinum selling music producer and DJ. His numerous remixes and two EPs have earned him a swiftly building reputation as one of the most versatile and consistent names in indie-dance music. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, it’s no surprise Gigamesh has developed a keen taste for funk, disco and pop. A frequent member of The Hype Machine’s popular chart #1 spot, Gigamesh has firmly established himself as a respected trendsetter in modern dance music.

«One of my favorite books is Nile Rodgers autobiography, «Le Freak.» He and Bernard Edwards started Chic in the late 1970s and then proceeded to conquer the music industry. They wrote some of the biggest hits of the past century yet sadly aren’t household names. Their musical ideas have been sampled and recycled countless times and in multiple genres. As disco gave way to hip-hop and house music, both genres borrowed heavily from Rodgers & Edwards productions. That has continued steadily until this day and is coming full circle with Daft Punk’s anticipated new album featuring a collaboration with Nile Rodgers. My mix is a modest attempt to provide a summary of their influence on pop culture — it leaves out many hits but also includes some lesser known gems.» – Gigamesh


Chic – Chic Cheer
Fonzi Thorton – I Work For A Livin’
Sister Sledge – Lost In Music
Chic – Le Freak (12″ Version)
David Bowie – Let’s Dance
Chic – City Lights
Chic – I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
Norma Jean Wright – I Like Love
Chic – Dance, Dance, Dance (12″ Version)
Norma Jean Write – Saturday
Chic – Everybody Dance (12″ Version)
Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer
Carly Simon – Why (12″ Version)
Diana Ross – Upside Down
Chic – Good Times (12″ Version)

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