Dagens musikktips er Walter Sobcek – The Parifornia Tapes Vol.1

Walter Sobcek – The Parifornia Tapes Vol.1 er dagens godlåt.

Summer is on and that is not a reason for us to hang somewhere in hamac under a palm tree drinking a bloody Mary and watching time go smoothly by.

We will be releasing every week a new collection of 8 mixtapes that will follow you around for the summer on the beach, in a bar, in your bed or on your yacht (for the invitation, mail us at sobcek@gmail.com)

This is The Parifornia Tapes vol.1.

Michael Jackson «I Can’t Help It»
Late Nite Tuff Guy «Not In Love Anymore»
The Isley Brothers «Prize Possession» (Follow Me Remix)
Daft Punk «Instant Crush»
Darius «Road Trip»
Bob Scaggs «Lowdown»
Poolside «Take Me Home»
MAM «Sunset Funk»
Lionel Richie «Running With The Night»
Monte «You Should Know»
Daft Punk «Beyond» (Ash Reynolds Remix)
Ready For The World «Oh Sheila»
Final Dj’s feat. Gin Joints «City Nights»
Walter Sobcek «Milkshake d’Amour»

Artwork by Ignacio Mendez