Dagens musikktips er Juicy! Sessions N. 01 – Disko Selectors

Juicy! Sessions N. 01 – Disko Selectors er dagens godlåt.

Disko Selectors are Deeman & Roi Canda, and they are a force to reckon in the Spanish club scene, having DJed at Spain’s most important clubs, among others in the UK, Netherlands or Norway.

Cofounders of the collective Disko! with their fellow the designer Alberto Gómez, they started writing a blog, released a range of memorable mixes for both their own series and other labels like Cómeme or Electrique. Not to forget the parties they promote in their hometown, Valladolid (Spain).

Now they are getting introduced in the world of production. The last months they published edits and remixes in labels such as Mister Mistery, Legendary Sound Research, Hot Elephant (Alexander Robotnick’s label), Los Grandes or Bust a Dub. Soon the duo will release their first original tracks and more remixes in another international labels: Bordello A Parigi, Emerald & Doreen, Mix Le Fun, Our Nights or Neonized.

Their musical style covers almost everything. Without prejudice. Nu-disco, deep house, cosmic sounds, acid, Italo disco… whatever it takes to get the dancefloor moving.

Brazil/South America Booking: juicy.br@live.com