Dagens filmtips: NORRØNA MAGAZINE lofoten!

Welcome to Lofoten – http://www.norrona.com/concepts/lofoten
North of the Arctic Circle, the majestic Lofoten island chain is famous for its exceptional beauty, harsh contrasting weathers and unyielding environment. Framed by Alpine-style peaks and glaciers, craggy coastlines, an age-old cod fishing industry, and surreal light, Lofoten´s extreme elements are the very essence and soul of Norway´s outdoor life. This uncompromising character has become a symbol of our iconic and functional concept – lofoten. With dramatic terrain and extreme weather testing your equipment´s limits, you need to withstand the most demanding conditions. Purely technical, highly durable and proudly practical, lofoten places design above anything else. Whether you embark on a week-long tour in the backcountry, hike to your favourite peak, or drop into a heli-ski run, lofoten guarantees to enhance your mountain experience.

Filmen er laget av: Norrona