Dagens musikktips er PH & Teniente Castillo ‘Please just go’ (edit) / Play Pal Music

PH & Teniente Castillo ‘Please just go’ (edit) / Play Pal Music er dagens godlåt.

This is the story behind this edit, just thought of sharing it…:

August 2010, one of those summer nights you really feel like going out, my mate Pete Herbert, I and some other friends were at a club in Madrid realising we weren’t liking any of the tracks the dj was playing but suddenly, as the last track of the night, they dropped what became to us the only good track we listened that night there, the original version of the ‘Please don’t go’ from KC & The Sunshine band.

We really enjoyed it and after wards, started to joke with the name of the track, ‘please let’s go’, ‘please just go’, ‘please c’mon’, ‘please so what?’, you know…6:30 am…

So during the walk from the club to where Pete was staying, after joking for some time with the title, one of us said ‘mate, we should edit this’, can’t remember who said it actually, all I know is that half an hour later, we were playing around with the track and three hours later the edit was done.

At that moment and after listening to it like a thousand times…guess we thought it wouldn’t probably sound right, cos we did it really quick and weren’t very sure about the sound quality but after have been playing it, both of us at all kinds of clubs during a whole year and seeing the great response from all kinds of crowds, we thought it was time to release it and share it, and thanks to Pete, it’s going to be out on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) on his new PH edits release.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve done and still do.

Show some love to my mate Pete too, the master behind this edit.

Release date: Christmas 2010 (vinyl 300 copies limited)

We’ve decided to include it on the first release of Play Pal Music: PALS VOL. 1, along with artists such as:
Get Down Edits, Pete Herbert, Disco Tech, Dynamicron, Alvaro Cabana, Phunktastike, Beaten Space Probe and Teniente Castillo.

Out Nov 12th, 2012.

Only on Juno download: