Film: Whales at Senja, Northern Norway

The Senja island is the second largest island in Norway, and yet an undiscovered treasure of nature adventures in one of the last wildernesses of Europe.
On the outskirts of Senja, a fantastic nature phenomenon is taking place every midwinter.
Just off the resort called Hamn in Senja, their harbour and the fjord surrounding this place, is not only a destination for sailors, but also for a large amounts of whales.

Hundreds of humpback whales and orcas are having a giant feast, chasing hundreds and hundreds of tons of herring around in the fjord. It is quite seldom to observe these two species together.

So, just a few minutes by boat from Hamn in Senja, you can have a face to face meeting with these giants of the sea. Smell their breath. Watch them play under your boat and curiously swim around keeping an eye on you. It is for sure a lifetime adventure.

And in addition, while staying in Northern Norway breathing in the freshest sea air, colourful arctic light and the Northern Lights will entertain you.
Do not forget your camera, the nature on Senja never sleeps – but will offer you unforgettable landscapes, ever changing weather, arctic wildlife and motifs day as night.

Director, editor and grade: Eirik Nicolai Heim and Trude Spaun (Co-dircetor and editor)

Photographer: Eirik Nicolai Heim

Still photographer: Anders Hanssen –

Skipper: Cato Kjørstad

Location: Hamn i Senja

Music: Dirk Maassen – To The Sky

Thanks to: Hamn i Senja –
Terje Rafaelsen
Fredrik Broms
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Filmen er laget av: Crux Film