PREMIERE : Jex Opolis – Guitar Sands

Jex Opolis Presents: «In The Nite», a versatile new EP featuring three cosmic cuts from the NYC-based musician and producer. The new music also features the help of Ian D. Knight, a St. Louis-based performance artist. After a chance meeting at a Knight performance in Chelsea last winter, the pair decamped to Jex’s NY-based rooftop greenhouse/studio for a two-week session of music and vaping. With Knight on-hand mostly for spiritual guidance and janitorial duties, the tracks flowed like organic wine and the wine flowed like really smooth music. Knight features most prominently on the Compass Point-tinged “Look At My Car!,” a Paean to the joys of both consumerism and rampant motorism. Meanwhile, Jex whips out the Strat for some Chic-inspired licks on the chugging “Guitar Sands» here premiered. And on the flip, “Rimini Nites” is a straight-ahead 120 BPM Italo stomper. One for the heads!

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