5 months of solo backpacking in «The Banana Pancake Trail»
February – July 2017

Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam – Laos – Myanmar

iPhone SE with DJI Osmo mobile
GoPro 3 & 5
DJI Mavic Pro

Edited in Premiere Pro

The War On Drugs – Nothing To Find


Fin Vimeo-film: Magazine B 60th Issue: Monocle

B proudly presents our new issue: Monocle

세계 곳곳에 지사와 통신원을 두고 정치, 사회, 문화, 글로벌 뉴스를 직접 취재해 브리핑하는 은 잡지의 힘이 쇠퇴하던 2007년 타일러 브륄레가 창간한 런던 기반의 월간지입니다. 신문과 단행본, 여행 가이드북 등 아날로그 형태의 매체를 꾸준히 발행하는 것은 물론, 24시간 온라인 라디오 같은 디지털 플랫폼의 론칭과 숍·카페 등의 유통업으로도 비즈니스 영역을 다각화하며 독자와의 접점을 넓혀왔습니다. 이를 기반으로 양질의 고객층을 확보한 종합 미디어 브랜드 모노클은 브랜드와의 광고 콘텐츠로 성공적 수익 모델을 구축하며, 업계의 롤모델로 평가받고 있습니다.

Magazine Credit:

Publisher: Suyong Joh
Content & Editorial Director: Eunsung Park
Editors: Jaewoo Seo, Yeongmin Kim
Guest Designer: Gyeongtak Kang
Marketer: Hyunjoo Kim
Distribution Manager: Sanghoon Kim, Suyeon Kim
Filmmaker: Sukwang Baak

Music: Paper Planes / Steven Gutheinz

Fin Vimeo-film: The Rolling Home Book – Kickstarter

We just launched our first Kickstarter – ‘The Rolling Home Book’

‘A handy hard bound book, 208 pages brimming with photos, words and illustrations. Documenting 80,000 miles and counting in our self build campervan; The Rolling Home. With work from ourselves and friends. We hope the book will inspire as many people as possible to get out on the road in their very own rolling homes’

Head over to our Kickstarter to support the project and pre order your very own copy.

Link –


Fin Vimeo-film: Building a custom bike – Bikevibe x Oslovelo

I always wanted to built my own bike. Picking all the part and make it unique, just the way I want it. When Bikevibe went to London I found an old Eddy Merckx frame at the Hackney Peddler in my size, witch is rare. I brought it back home and here is the process of building the bike at Oslovelo!

Thanks to:
Built by Oslovelo

Film by:
Jonas Lisether

Music by:
Mutual Intentions

Frame by:

Fin Vimeo-film: Kinfolk Recipe: Dutch Oven Bread

Our recipe video of dutch oven bread for Kinfolk Magazine (, a quarterly publication based in Portland, OR. We are a growing community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to cook, make, and do.

«In learning how to make bread for this film we had to get use to how the process drove our day, leaving us only increments of time to do other things. After a few batches we embraced it, getting those little things done that never seemed to find their way into our schedule. Books were read, letters written, house tidied. All which felt just as much a part of the recipe as adding water and kneading dough.» —Julie Walker

The film is produced by Matt and Julie Walker of Tiger in a Jar (, a film production company based in Salt Lake City, UT.

The music is copyright-protected by Bexar Bexar ( The song is titled «Oil Thumbprints».

Fin Vimeo-film: Ed Ruscha: Buildings and Words

Can’t get enough? Annotated transcript:

Narrated by Owen Wilson
Featuring Ed Begley Jr., Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, Irving Blum, Larry Gagosian, Jim Ganzer, Joe Goode, Kim Gordon, and Ed Moses

Produced by Ways & Means
Executive Producers Lana Kim, Jett Steiger
Producer Rachel Nederveld

Presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
MOCA Chief Communication Officier Sarah Lloyd Stifler
MOCA Communications Manager Eva Seta

Editor & Motion Graphics Matthew Miller

Director of Photography Roman Koval

Researcher Lauren Skillen
Sound Mixer Jacques Pienaar

Colorist Bossi Baker
Sound Mixer Brent Kiser, Unbridled Sound